The Reformer Basics 5-Week Series Starts October 20, 2014

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A 5-Week Series with Laura Hausler

Counts as Reformer Prep qualification!
(*Studio Foundation session required; some mat experience a plus.)

 Laura Hausler - Reformer BasicsWant to Take Reformer Class, But Not Qualified Yet?

This is the series for you! If you’ve wanted to take reformer classes, but needed the Reformer Prep to get qualified, or if you were thinking about taking the Pilates Challenge coming in January 2015, but realized you still needed your Reformer Prep, this class is perfectly designed just for you.

You will learn equipment basics, basic movement, modifications, and you’ll gain a new body awareness on the equipment in a fun and small group setting.

What You’ll Get

  • Experience on the reformer in an all-beginner-level group.
  • Cuing and movements focused on a per-class theme. Each class will consecutively build your reformer knowledge in Pilates, essentially making you a more body-aware mover on the reformer.
  • Reformer Prep Credit! This is a great deal. You’ll gain experience comparable to our $180.00 Reformer Prep Package, which is a studio requirement, and you’ll be qualified for exactly the same level. You can register for future reformer classes as if you had taken the studio Reformer Prep Package.

Why We Love the Reformers

  • It’s an experience for the body that clients have described as a smooth and weightless full-body workout
  • The Reformer allows your body to gain muscular intelligence and rapidly learn better movement patterns by using spring tension. The supportive tension allows the body to work with an elasticity that is similar to the way our muscles naturally work. 
  • Unlike pure weight-bearing exercise, this movement is nurturing and challenging and creates a supportive environment for the body to learn a new and subtle level of movement.
  • We respond best to new, yet consistent tactile experience and the various surfaces and positions used when working on the reformer build better body intelligence. 

5-Week Class Schedule

  • Week 1: Equipment knowledge, orientation of the body in supine position, basic introduction of reformer movement.
  • Week 2: Short review of week 1, introduction of body orientation in the prone position
  • Week 3: Intensifying the challenge by connecting arm movements with abdominals, and articulation
  • Week 4: Combination of movements from weeks 1-3
  • Week 5:  Movements leading to better back/arm awareness to introduce plank-style exercises. 
  • Week 6: Putting it all together!


Prices & Registration
Reformer Basics 5-Week Series: *$130.00

*Counts the same as our Reformer Prep Package ($180) for reformer qualification. 

Monday Group (limit 4 per group)
October 20th – November 17th 
Mondays, 8:30am – 9:30am

(1 seat left in this session as of 11 Oct. 2014)
(Sold Out: This session is full as of 13 Oct. 2014 – Click the signup button below, login and then click the “Add to waitlist” button to get on the waitlist for the next open session.)


Friday Group (limit 4 per group)
October 24th- November 21st
Fridays, 5:30pm – 6:30pm 

(2 seats left in this session as of 11 Oct. 2014)
(1 seat left in this session as of 13 Oct. 2014)
(Sold Out: This session is full as of 14 Oct. 2014 – Click the signup button below, login and then click the “Add to waitlist” button to get on the waitlist for the next open session.)

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