Ari Sanchez – Instructor

“There are so many amazing things that Pilates and Alignment/Restorative work has already done for me personally. As an instructor I will always do my best to help others realize their own body’s potential and teach them that our bodies and ability to move are a gift to us all!”

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Q & A Session with Ari Sanchez

1. What is your favorite part of teaching?

The best part of teaching is watching my client’s journey. It is fascinating to witness the moments in which they truly find their body connection for the first time…. to see their moments of struggles and victories, their moments of joy, and my favorite: their “ah-hah!” moments. But not only do I get to witness and be a part of their mind-body journey. I value my relationships with each and every one of my clients and look forward to what every session or class will bring with them.

2. What makes your work unique?

I find myself very lucky to be an “old soul” with a young spirit. As such, I am committed to constantly evolve and grow as an instructor. I am not the type of person that likes to remain “static” in my life and there is so much opportunity for continued learning in this field that it can only benefit my client relationships going forward. Because of this, I find myself always wanting to learn more in the world of movement, adding more and more “arrows to my quiver” so to say! 

I think my clients appreciate the possibility that every session may be entirely fresh, new and exciting since I am so voracious and dedicated in my learning. I am grateful for my ease and connection with clients of all ages and all walks of life and I think everyone who I cross paths with can feel my genuineness and love for what I do.

3. What are your 5 best attributes

  1. My ability to read people and their bodies. Whether through intuition or knowledge gleaned through training, I feel very much “in tune” and trust the knowledge that allows me to connect to my client’s and their bodies.
  2. My patience for my own body as well as others’.
  3. I’ve been told I have a gentle spirit and self assuredness and that it definitely carries over to my teaching style. I strive to make sure clients feel comfortable and safe more than anything and the rest follows. I always hold myself accountable to making a safe connection with each client in each session or class.
  4. Passion, positivity and excitement for teaching …. And for life!
  5. Having a willingness and creativity to modify and keep each session new and exciting. To really focus on my client’s goals and needs and not a set program or pattern that might not serve their highest good in that particular moment.

4. Who is your ideal client?

Someone who is ready to begin their journey to wholeness! Someone who is positive, open and willing to take the steps to bettering and loving themselves in all the aspects that come along in working with movement and alignment. A client that recognizes there are life changing moments that will stem from proper body alignment, flexibility, mobility, and core strength; and that it is something that will require work and dedication but will give them a better sense of their bodies and themselves in return!

5. Anything you’d like to add?

Having spent 17 years playing soccer at a very competitive level led me to have a very deep connection within my own body. It also allowed me opportunity to be supportive to the needs of my team-mates and through it I gained an understanding of self acceptance, self talk and the thing that we all most struggle with: self love.  I think this helped me find my niche in working with people and their bodies.  I was also lucky enough to grow up with a family that modeled being in tune with one’s self through spiritual introspection, healthy lifestyle choices and emotional support. All these things have helped me step into this work with my eyes wide open.

There are so many amazing things that Pilates and the Alignment/Restorative work has already done for me personally. As an instructor I will always do my best to help others realize their own body’s potential and teach them that our bodies and ability to move are a gift to us all!

I fully believe in the idea that life is a journey in every respect. Movement is the most important way for us to go along on our physical body’s journey and on this path so many beautiful things can arise. And the best part of it? Being able to not only be a teacher, encourager and example through it all, but being a witness to my client’s making their own life altering and changing mind/body connection!


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Ari’s Bio

Ari is a fully certified Pilates instructor under the Pilates Method Alliance. She has completed her training through Balanced Body University at Body Awareness Studio in Atlanta, GA. In addition, Ari is in her final certification year with the Restorative Exercise™ Institute through Katy Bowman on the path to become a Restorative Exercise™ Specialist.

She is also trained in the SmartSpine™ System. Ari has broadened her movement approach by investing into the world of Personal Training and is continuing extra studies under Fusion Pilates through their Intensive Apprenticeship Program. She continually steps outside the realm of traditional Pilates instruction with the work of “Energy Medicine” and Chinese Meridian Balancing concepts.

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