Undo Pain and Tension from Using Your Hands All Day

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f you’re anything like me, you probably spend a lot more time doing things every day that require you to close your hands instead of open them—stuff like typing, mousing, writing, cooking, holding a steering wheel, holding a book or phone, gardening, sweeping, vacuuming, playing an instrument, etc. The hand-closing list of activities goes on and on… Constantly closing your …

Photo of leg with hand holding strap doing the strap stretch

Dramatically Improve Your Strap Stretch With a Few Simple Moves

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he Strap Stretch is a popular stretch found in Pilates studios, yoga studios, and physical therapy offices across the globe. It’s an exercise to stretch and create length down the back of the leg and it can be very effective. That said, if you practice this exercise the same way every time you do it, you might be missing out …

Do You Really Need to Do This Stretch 50 Times a Day?

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hen recommending home exercises for clients, I’m often asked, “How often should I do this?” If it’s an exercise, like a calf stretch that I know makes such a massive difference when practiced regularly, sometimes I reply with “forty or fifty times a day.” Sounds extreme, I know. But, here’s the thing, your body adapts to how you use it …