Studio Foundation*

The Studio Foundation session is the place to start if you are new to the studio. It’s a 45-minute private session, scheduled by appointment. This integral session is required because, while we do offer Pilates at the studio, we are not your traditional Pilates studio.

At Pilates Tonic, we assist you to discover the core connections in your body. These connections must be in working order before you head into a class setting, so you’ll get maximum benefits from classes. In the Studio Foundation session, we will also cover some of the other modalities we offer in the studio, such as Stretch Therapy™ and, Restorative Exercise™, and fascial conditioning.

Most importantly, this introductory private session allows us to get to know each other a little better, and help you determine if we are a good fit to meet your desired goals.

Single Studio Foundation Session: $55


Studio Foundation Package*

The Studio Foundation Package consists of 3, fifty-five-minute private sessions. These sessions will help you begin to embody the core connections as they apply to movement. These sessions allow us to help you to zero in on your specific goals and guide you toward the classes or sessions that will be of greatest benefit to you.

Package of 3 Studio Foundation sessions: $195


Mat Classes

We offer a variety of mat classes designed to help you build a strong foundation in your body and deepen your core connections. We also offer Stretching & Flexibility classes and Active Alignment classes.

Mat classes are limited to 10 people.

  • 1 class: $18
  • 10 classes: $165
  • Mat Commitment Card (20 classes, good for 8 weeks): $265


Reformer Classes

Reformer class teaches the core connections and alignment fundamentals and how to apply them to exercises using the reformer and tower. A Studio Foundation session followed by 3 private sessions (Reformer Prep package) is required to take reformer classes.

Reformer Class Prep Package: $195
(includes 3 private sessions to get you ready for reformer class)

Reformer classes are limited to 5 people.

  • 1 class: $34
  • 10 classes: $294
  • Reformer Commitment Card (20 classes, good for 8 weeks): $504


Mixed Mat/Reformer Cards

  • 10 Class Combo Card—5 mat classes/5 reformer classes: $230
  • 20 Class Combo Commitment Card—10 mat classes and 10 reformer classes (good for 8 weeks): $384


Private Sessions (55 minutes)

with Louie or Will

  • 1 session: $95
  • 5 sessions: $450
  • 10 sessions: $760

(Shorter times available upon request.)

with McCall 

  • 1 session  $65
  • 10 sessions $600
  • Semi-private $40 (per person)


Semi-Private session with Will or Louie (55 minutes)

  • 1 session (price per person): $52
  • 10 sessions (price per person) $472


Restorative Movement Sessions

with Sydney

  • 60-minute session: $150


Cancellation Policies

  • Private sessions, Restorative Movement Sessions, and FST™ sessions require 24-hour cancellation notice to avoid being charged.
  • All classes require a 12-hour cancellation notice in order to avoid being charged.
  • Classes left on Commitment Cards at the end of the 8 weeks may be applied to the price of a private session.


* The Studio Foundation Session or Package is a prerequisite for all other classes at Pilates Tonic.