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Get Out of Pain & Do the Activities You Love… with Simple Alignment-Based Restorative Exercises

(…that your regular Pilates class isn’t teaching you!)

Hi! I’m Sydney with Pilates Tonic and I’m here to help you get STRONGER and more FLEXIBLE so you can keep doing the things in life you love.

You should know: Tightness and loss of mobility aren't “just part of aging” or “the way it has to be.”

Maybe you’ve been told with age; it’s normal to:

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

It actually doesn’t.

As you age, people — even doctors — will say that a stiff back, achy legs, sore hips, and tight shoulders are just normal “when you get older.”

But, unfortunately, you’ve been sold a bit of a myth.

I don’t disagree that, yes, your body is more likely to have more aches and pains as you get older.

But what’s often left out is that “these normal signs of aging” have more to do with your movement habits than it has to do with age.

Your age just means you’ve had your habits longer.

Want to know the amazing thing about your body?

As long as you’re alive, your body responds and adapts to how you use it the most.

Meaning, if you change how you use your body, your body will change—and more quickly than you might imagine!

When you know which habits are making you tight and leaving you feeling weak, you can learn the *right* types of exercises to do to finally get stronger and more flexible.

And I’m not talking about stretching on the floor every day for 60 minutes.

(Although I do recommend getting all the way down onto the floor every day!)

I’m talking about simple things you can incorporate into your daily life that counteracts habits, like chronic sitting and wearing shoes with an elevated heel, where you show your body how to walk, stand, and bend better so your body functions better as a whole.

Ready to get stronger and more flexible so you can stay active?

Registration for Pilates Tonic Online is currently paused in order to ensure the best possible experience for all our current members.

But don’t worry! You can join the waitlist and we'll contact you as soon as the next group of spots opens up. We can't wait to help you start your journey to a stronger, more flexible you!

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PTO has literally given me my life back!

I have struggled with back and leg pain for over 10 years after an injury during running, as well as a hypertonic pelvic floor. Last year I had severe burnout, and my pain was at its worst. I was bedridden for a few months; after a while, I could slowly do more things again, but the pain never really went away. I have seen numerous physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors, online programs, etc., but no one has given me a lasting result.

The PTO program has helped me tremendously within just four weeks. Although I still have a way to go, I am almost at the point that I am confident enough to say that I have a good chance of healing completely!

Saskia Baltus, PTO member

When you know how to do what you'll learn in PTO, you can…

I’m here to tell you all this is possible, and it’s exactly what I show you inside The Pilates Tonic Membership.

Get stronger and more flexible so you can do the activities you love!


“PTO is a whole program.

It's not just setting aside 30 minutes to do exercises; Sydney shows you how to move more throughout the day by building moves into other things you're already doing. That way, you're moving throughout the day, and that's so much different.

When I started with PTO, I could only sit for 10-15 minutes without pain. Now I can sit for a couple of hours without pain, and even three if I get up and move around/stretch for a bit in the middle.

Learning what kind of stretches and exercises to do has really helped. She explains how to do everything in the right posture, which makes it so much easier to understand.

Sometimes her cueing seems weird at first, but after I do it a few times, I think, “”Wow, this is really different, and it's really helpful.””

I also appreciate that I can ask Sydney questions through PTO, and she answers them. Because a lot of these things you join online, you just have to figure it out, and you don't get to ask questions. So that's a really big bonus!”

~Lori H., PTO Member

But, before I tell you about the membership, I’d love to introduce myself.

Introspective Movement Class Feature Image of Sydney Craig

Hey, I’m Sydney.

I’m a former full-time hairstylist, turned Pilates instructor, turned Restorative Movement Specialist.

I also have scoliosis.

In 2001, my love for fashion and cutting hair collided with my scoliosis in debilitating back pain, and muscle spasms in my neck.

Lucky for me, the owner of the Pilates studio next door to my salon at the time convinced me to try a Pilates session to see if it might bring me relief.

It did, and I was hooked.

So hooked I completed my Pilates certification in 2004 and stopped cutting hair for a living in 2008. 

Fast forward to 2010…

I’d been teaching Pilates for six years and was full of questions the Pilates method wasn’t answering when it came to helping my clients.

So I started looking outside the Pilates method for answers, and oh boy, did I find them—but not just in one single method or modality.

I found answers in the arenas of fascia research, stretch therapy, human biomechanics, restorative exercise, and Integral Coaching.

I discovered there are common side effects of being a modern human that are overlooked and bypassed when it comes to normal exercise (including Pilates).

Big things like sleeping muscles in the hips, spine, lower abdominals, and upper back. 

When muscles are asleep, it means they aren’t participating in daily movement, so other areas of the body compensate, and oftentimes, pain and tightness follow.

When you wake these muscles up, it completely changes how your body moves and feels in the best possible way.

Want to know the best part?

These revived, sleepy-head muscles go with you everywhere you go, helping you get more out of everything you do, especially your Pilates practice.

And now, after all these years of learning, I’ve taken all of my muscle-activating and hip-balancing, bone-density-building discoveries and poured them into the Pilates Tonic Online Membership.

Pilates Tonic Online is Way More than a Workout

Because when you understand how the way you move impacts how you feel, it gets easier to make small shifts that add up to feeling stronger and more flexible, and yes, with more muscle tone too.

You also:


“My sciatica is better! My core and my glutes are working and that's because I now have Sydney’s guidance. I'm just two months into my Pilates Tonic Online membership, and I'm feeling better already! I hear Sydney's explanations and instructions in my head as I walk through my day, improving my posture and strengthening those muscles I never knew how to use. My sciatica is better! 
My core and my glutes are working, and that's because I now have Sydney's guidance. I'm so looking forward to continuing this journey.”

~Constance Kwon, PTO Member


“Sydney is a Pilates nerd, and I am too! She has incredible knowledge of the body, so I learn every time I do something with her. She’s just so clear on each movement and what's happening inside your body.

I'm always eager to try new things, and there is so much available inside of PTO and so much to go back to and learn from!”

~Barbara Bitner, PTO Member


“I used to have weakness in my pelvic floor – like peeing a bit when running around chasing after my kids, sneezing, or jumping on a trampoline. Working with Sydney really helped me gain more awareness of my body and subtle ways to change what muscles I use in other activities like yoga and running, so now my pelvic floor is benefitting all the time. The exercises she teaches are easy to do at home, and her verbal cues are so valuable for truly learning and knowing the movements. Running and sneezing are better for me now – on the trampoline, though I still need more work!”

~Emily Russell, PTO member

What is Pilates Tonic Online?

The Pilates Tonic Online Membership is a mix of live classes and self-paced videos tailored to your unique needs.

Depending on your goals, this program will help you identify what area of your body to focus on — and the exercises that’ll help you get out of pain, add more flexibility, and become stronger.

Inside the Pilates Tonic Online Membership, you get a movement practice you can stick to.

Here’s What’s Included Each Month

Foundation Videos

The step-by-step Foundation videos will help you build a solid foundation to ensure you get the most out of every other video in the membership, and any other movement in your life, whether it's yoga, gardening, running, or my personal favorite, everyday standing and walking.

Whatever your movement goals and aspirations, you’ll know exactly which videos to watch next and which exercises are going to bring you the most value the quickest.

Two New Alignment-Based Movement Videos Every Month

Members’ requests and questions shape the topic and style of the monthly videos.

For example…

This is one of my favorite parts of the PTO Membership. I love co-creating with members!

Two Live Class Q&As Every Month

Live Class Q&A’s are 45-minute movement classes that happen on Zoom and are shaped by member questions and requests.

These classes are always recorded and posted in the Member’s Area, so you never have to worry about missing a class.

Unlimited Access to the PTO Video Library

The PTO Video Library is full of videos covering just about every topic you can think of.

Videos like:

And many more…

Bonus Livestream Classes

As a special bonus, PTO members can now livestream my Tuesday/Thursday Active Alignment mat class at 8:30 am EDT.

Can’t make it live? Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. These classes are recorded and posted on the same day in the member’s area, where you have a week to watch the replay.

Just want you to know how much I’m enjoying your live stream Tues/Thurs classes! I don’t watch them live, but love the option of watching at my convenience! Thanks for adding those!

That was so nice. What a great way to start the day! I’m so glad you are offering these classes!

I just did an Active Alignment class video from 6/27/23. I enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing your morning class with us!

Monthly Membership — Cancel Any Time

Pilates Tonic Online (PTO) is a veritable “treasure trove” of movement, easily valued at over $99 per month. However, for now, it's available at just $79 per month.

That’s right, the current price of Pilates Tonic Online is only $79 per month…

Join us today, and this rate's yours for as long as you remain a member. Price bumps in the future? You won't feel them—you'll pay what you lock in now for your entire membership.

Ready to get stronger and more flexible so you can stay active?

Registration for Pilates Tonic Online is currently paused in order to ensure the best possible experience for all our current members.

But don’t worry! You can join the waitlist and we'll contact you as soon as the next group of spots opens up. We can't wait to help you start your journey to a stronger, more flexible you!

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I was on the road to spinal injections and probably surgery … My body is mostly pain-free now after many years of back pain due to scoliosis. Sydney’s use of imagery and her focus on alignment has been very helpful. Her kindness comes through in her teaching style, and I not only feel better after a class, but I also look forward to my time with her!

—Susan Mitchell, PTO member

When you have a daily movement practice that fits easily into your life, getting stronger and staying flexible is no longer just a small part of life reserved for an exercise class or workout.

Instead, you have a movement-filled life that your body responds to and loves—and it doesn't matter how old you are!

And because the Pilates Tonic Online Membership gives you structure and guidance, it makes it really easy and fun to have a movement-filled life.

Plus, I’m with you every step of the way to answer your questions and cheer you on!


“I lived in Kauai for 18 years and knew an incredible Pilates instructor there. I never expected I would ever find that kind of quality instruction again until I found Sydney’s online videos. The way she creatively describes what one is striving to feel is spot on. She has a forgiving and reassuring approach.t

PTO is a valuable part of my fitness plan!”

~Kathy Petersen PTO member


“I used to have really bad foot pain from Morton's neuroma, and it didn't bother me once on my recent three-week ski trip. Because of PTO, I’ve been doing more work to strengthen my hips so I’m more stable and better balanced, and now my feet aren’t being overused anymore to compensate.

Sydney’s instructions are very precise and helpful. I’m much more mindful now about how I'm moving through my day.”

~Sue Davies, PTO member


“I was having chronic lower back pain and fatigue and couldn’t engage my glutes or turn off my quads. I was using the wrong muscles when I exercised, which just exacerbated these things and made me feel worse.

Sydney helped me finally engage my glutes, and it changed everything.

The way I walk has changed. The way I stand has changed. The way I pick up around my house has changed.

My back pain is gone, and now my back can relax.”

~Mallory Durel, PTO member

Have More Questions?
Check out the FAQs below…

What exactly am I going to learn in the membership? Is it Pilates?

Essentially, you’re going to learn how to safely add more movement variety to your life by learning more about your body alignment and applying what you learn to specific exercises. So yes, you’ll learn exercises, but most of them aren’t traditional Pilates exercises. That said, all of the exercises will seriously enhance your Pilates practice! My teaching background is in Pilates, Restorative Exercise, Fascial Stretch Therapy™, and Integral CoachingⓇ, and inevitably my teaching is a blend of all of these modalities.

Everything is inside the Membership portal. You just log in and can access the Membership Journey, ALL of the classes, and replays (for the current and previous months!). You can access the Membership portal from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. And to make it super easy to stay consistent and up to date, I send an email every Monday to support, encourage and fill you in on what's new.

That's totally up to you! The membership is designed for you to move through the material at your own pace. And the videos and replays are available to watch anytime at your convenience. If you're super busy one week or month, don't worry about it. Everything will be available and waiting for you when the time is right. You can never fall behind in the PTO Membership!

There's no pressure to watch every class each month and everything will always be waiting for you inside the Membership portal. I want to help you find creative and fun ways to add more movement to your day. So there are no rigid rules!

With everyone's different schedules and timezones, it can be difficult to find a time that works for everyone – That's why the Live Classes are always recorded. You can watch the replay in the Membership portal at your convenience. And just because you may not be able to attend live, doesn't mean you can't submit a question. You can submit a question before the class and I'll answer your question, even if you aren't on the call!

These classes happen twice a month on Tuesdays at 11:00 am EDT and last for 45-minutes. They take place on ZOOM. I'll send you an email the week of class with the link to join. You can also find the ZOOM link in the Membership Portal.

If you decide the PTO Membership isn't right for you, you can easily cancel your monthly subscription renewal anytime using the customer billing portal inside the Member's Area. Canceling the Membership renewal prevents your payment method from being charged again before the next billing cycle. You'll continue to have access and benefit from the membership through the last day of your subscription.

There are often props used for the classes. For example, some common props used might be a yoga strap, yoga block, foam dome, pillows, and blankets. I always provide a household item that will work great as a substitute!

If you're a Pilates or movement instructor, what you'll learn inside the PTO Membership will seamlessly fit into the work you're already doing. It will enhance your client work and classes by giving you a new lens for alignment that will answer many questions around what's keeping people plateaued in their practice. You'll learn loads of corrective exercises to help people get unstuck and feeling better.

If you have an issue or are feeling uncertain, it’s always good to check with a healthcare provider first. I always encourage you to listen to your body, as you are the authority on YOU. If an exercise ever feels off or like a bad idea, please don’t do it. That said, I designed this program to help you add daily movement to your life, and the focus on alignment in all of the exercises adds an element of safety you won’t have with a regular exercise class. I also offer modifications for the exercises in this program.

There are strength-building components in the membership for sure. That said, it's designed to help you create balance and build awareness in your body. The PTO Membership is about wellness and feeling better, not working out. Although as you feel better in your body, you're probably going to feel like you look better too! Plus, balanced hips with working glutes have a way of toning themselves and if you participate in the videos and classes you're going to naturally build more strength and tone throughout your entire body.

No, previous movement experience is not needed for the PTO Membership. I’ll take you through everything you need to know to start moving with more ease and balance.

Sydney’s thoughtfulness is a huge incentive of the PTO online program! I try not to take courtesy for granted because it’s not always common!

Sydney has such a clear and precise way of articulating the movement that the video is focused on. I always learn something new. The advice she gives on variations for the exercises has helped me more than once. I really appreciate all of the efforts she's put into this site. I'm so glad I found the Pilates Tonic Online Membership!


My kneecaps don’t hurt anymore, and neither does my Morton’s Neuroma, two things I’d suffered with for 20 or more years!I learned two exercises in particular that have been so easy to incorporate into my daily movement and have woken up some sleepy muscles.  I’m shocked at how these two exercises, along with correcting my alignment, have improved my strength exponentially.

~Lee Anne Glidewell

In general, the exercises lift my mood. I went on a car trip to El Paso, and at every rest stop, I'd do my Every-Days plus the standing quad stretch. Made a huge difference to my body on that trip. In general, the exercises lift my mood and I like knowing I'm doing something that will make sense to me in the long run--even though I might not realize it at the time.

Turns out, minor changes in posture and alignment yield huge rewards. I was having severe back problems which were impacting my quality of life when I began working with Sydney. Her online videos are extremely valuable. The exercises and videos have become a part of my daily life. I am back to doing most of what I was doing before, and I continue to learn about my body.

I used to feel stuck in my hips and shoulders, and I had a lot of back pain. I was heading in the direction of needing injections every single week in my back Pilates Tonic really changed my life. It has been a total game-changer for me. I know what I need to do now to maintain my mobility. I'm almost 56, and I'm strong. I'm in no pain, and I feel great. My body feels great. I have not had back pain since I started 6 years ago!


“I have really benefited from the hip work which has made a difference to my stability and pain management while waiting for a hip replacement. It has provided me with a great deal of relief and I am very grateful. Even though I have participated in Pilates for many years I have been surprised at what I have gained from revisiting some basic core abdominal work…it seems that prior to Sydney's class they have gotten a bit lazy! They have woken up again!

~Sue Hayes

The PTO foundation videos have given me a roadmap to identify, release, and strengthen my achy body. The videos are well organized. It's easy to follow a progression of full length or “quickies,” resulting in a general release of my persistently tight lower back, hips, knees, and shoulders. An upside of the pandemic has been to bring the live classes to my house!

PTO is very thoughtfully designed to be thorough and cover a lot of bases. It’s helped me become more conscious of my alignment and I’ve learned things that can be easily incorporated into the day, so even if I don't get to exercise, I’m still moving in ways that benefit my body. Sydney has the gift of being good at giving images for form and ways of holding and using your body.

I have studied Pilates for 20 years, and Sydney’s online courses and videos have greatly enhanced my understanding of the way my body works and moves. My flexibility and balance have improved and most importantly, I now know the proper restorative moves and stretches that my body may need on a particular day. Sydney’s virtual instruction complements my in-studio workouts. That’s a win-win for me!

I'm almost 56, and I'm strong. I'm in no pain, and I feel great. My body feels great. I have not had back pain since I started PTO

Ready to get stronger and more flexible so you can stay active?

Registration for Pilates Tonic Online is currently paused in order to ensure the best possible experience for all our current members.

But don’t worry! You can join the waitlist and we'll contact you as soon as the next group of spots opens up. We can't wait to help you start your journey to a stronger, more flexible you!

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I went through Sydney’s Happy Hip Flexors™ course, and it was absolutely transformative. I signed up because the class notice miraculously coincided with a period when chronic pain in my right hip was keeping me up at night, and a swollen right knee had side-lined my running routine.

After going through this class, I now understand that those two problems were closely linked to my super tight quads—something I was acutely aware of—and my dormant butt—something I’ve only just discovered.

It’s amazing to me what power there is in these simple careful daily exercises. Once the knee crisis was resolved, I was able to focus on other, longer-standing issues.  

Sarah Morrison, PTO member