Ribcage Breathing

Use Your Breath to Relieve Back Pain and Tightness

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Today’s exercise is a go-to solution I give clients for homework, especially if they are needing back pain relief, or chronic feelings of tightness in their back. It’s inspired by an exercise from Marie-José Blom’s Smartspine™ System.

Stress and poor alignment habits can change how you breathe, resulting in shallow breathing, or breathing that inappropriately uses your neck and shoulders. Poor alignment and breathing habits can also contribute to poor spine health and can leave your back feeling chronically stiff.

This is my absolute favorite exercise for relieving my back!

Assess Your Hip Flexors and Quads to Solve Back Pain and More

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Your leg’s ability to go behind you is called hip extension. And when it comes to walking, hip extension is vital for a healthy gait. When the muscles on the front of your hips (your hip flexors and quads) get too tight and short, they can actually prevent your leg from going behind your body. When this happens, it inhibits …

Why Weird is Beautiful When it Comes to Your Shoes

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our years ago I started wearing some interesting looking, if not downright ugly, shoes and I’ve never been happier with my choice of footwear. I used to have collapsed arches and pronated ankles, especially on my left side. And though doctors and foot specialists like to say that there is nothing you can do to correct these problems, I chose …