Learn to Find, Feel, and Activate Your Multifidus for Low Back Health

Your multifidus is a group of deep muscles that attach to your spine, connecting all the way from your sacrum up to your neck. When these muscles engage, they expand, in a positive way, to hug and stabilize your spine. This deep spinal hug lets you move, dance, walk, twist, whatever move you need to […]

Use Your Breath to Massage Low Back Tightness Away

Use Your Breath to Massage Low Back Tightness Away

One side effect of shallow breathing is low back discomfort and tightness. Over time, this habit can leave the lumbar spine and surrounding muscles and fascia feeling tight and inflexible. While the tendency might be to search for an external solution, like a massage, or a stretch, you already have a perfect solution built right […]

The Hidden Connection Between Back Pain and Breathing

Improving the way you breathe is such a simple back care solution that you can easily miss it. When someone comes to see me with low back discomfort, breathing is where we always begin. And when it comes to breathing, the diaphragm is your primary breathing muscle, and it’s in charge of many vital movements […]

How to Fix Shallow Breathing with a Simple Exercise

  Did you know that breathing provides you with your very own, built in massage therapist and chiropractor? We usually think of breathing as the unconscious process that moves air in and out of the lungs twentyfour hours a day, seven days a week. It’s one of the most basic requirements to keep us alive. […]

Use Your Breath to Relieve Back Pain and Tightness

Ribcage Breathing

Today’s exercise is a go-to solution I give clients for homework, especially if they are needing back pain relief, or chronic feelings of tightness in their back. It’s inspired by an exercise from Marie-José Blom’s Smartspine™ System.

Stress and poor alignment habits can change how you breathe, resulting in shallow breathing, or breathing that inappropriately uses your neck and shoulders. Poor alignment and breathing habits can also contribute to poor spine health and can leave your back feeling chronically stiff.

This is my absolute favorite exercise for relieving my back!

Mindful Breathing for Health, Posture and Pilates

  Recently I had the pleasure of spending time with my grandmother. She’s 85 and in great health. Like me, she has scoliosis and sometimes suffers from back pain that gets pretty severe. We were sitting outside on a beautiful day. The subject of back pain and stress came up. She looked at me and […]