Maintain Freedom and Ease with This Supple Side Body Stretch

Moving more throughout the day, in different ways, is key to maintaining (and regaining!) your mobility. And finding convenient ways to help you move is one of my favorite things! So in the spirit of moving more in easy ways, I have an exercise you can do in the morning before getting out of bed […]

Bolstering Benefits for Your Knees, Hips, and Ankles

Bolstering Benefits for Your Knees Hips Ankles

For her entire life, my grandmother took baths, never showers. Mostly to prevent her hair from getting wet, which she washed and set herself once every two weeks on Thursdays like clockwork. Little did she know, her bathing habit not only preserved her hairstyle but also preserved her ability to move freely well into her […]

How to Maintain Knee, Ankle, Hip and Pelvic Floor Health with a Simple Squat

Squatting multiple times daily is one of the best ways to maintain knee, ankle, hip and pelvic floor health while also keeping arthritis at bay. But in our Western culture, squatting is an ability many of us have lost because we’ve stopped going all the way to the ground and instead stop our range of […]

How to Hydrate and Release Tight, Painful Hips

I originally learned this technique from Jen and Casey over at Fusion Pilates in Asheville, and it’s gotten very popular over the years because it’s a very effective technique! This exercise is the perfect supplement, and maybe even the missing key, to any hip stretches you are already doing. It helps to hydrate and release […]