Turn This Popular Ab Exercise Into Actual Core Work

Photo - woman on mat in sit-up posture smiling

If you’ve done traditional Pilates, you know many of the exercises involve curling forward with the head, neck, and shoulders. This move is called an ab-curl, and it looks a lot like a crunch exercise. Undoubtedly, ab-curls will make you feel your stomach muscles, which must mean those muscles are being strengthened, right? Maybe, but […]

Learn to Find, Feel, and Activate Your Multifidus for Low Back Health

Your multifidus is a group of deep muscles that attach to your spine, connecting all the way from your sacrum up to your neck. When these muscles engage, they expand, in a positive way, to hug and stabilize your spine. This deep spinal hug lets you move, dance, walk, twist, whatever move you need to […]