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This Relaxing Inner-Thigh Stretch Does Way More Than You Think

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  id you know that there’s a relationship between the soles of your feet, inner thighs and your pelvic floor? When your body is optimally aligned, this connection starts from the feet, flows seamlessly up through your body and helps to keep everything in working order. But, in our culture, we wear shoes and sit a lot starting when we’re …

How to Maintain Knee, Ankle, Hip and Pelvic Floor Health with a Simple Squat

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Squatting multiple times daily is one of the best ways to maintain knee, ankle, hip and pelvic floor health while also keeping arthritis at bay. But in our Western culture, squatting is an ability many of us have lost because we’ve stopped going all the way to the ground and instead stop our range of motion at the height of …

How to Find Your Hidden Mobility with a Twist

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Habitually holding, or sucking your stomach in is common in our culture. This chronic holding pattern creates limited mobility in the waistline and has a negative impact on the intra-abdominal pressure needed for healthy internal organs and a healthy pelvic floor. Today’s exercise is going to help you assess how much true mobility you have in your waistline when it …