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We'll show you how easy it is to start improving your strength, flexibility and body alignment. Learn more about our unique program and how to get started. Or, just give us a call at 423.702.5233 to easily schedule your first session. We're located in Chattanooga, TN on North Market Street.

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Our mission is to help you move with ease in a pain-free body

At Pilates Tonic, we help you discover the core connections and alignment in your body. We take cutting-edge research on body alignment, fascial conditioning, stretching and core activation and apply it to your body’s unique requirements.

With these foundational tools, we show you how to improve everything else you do, whether it’s yoga, golf, running, mountain biking, CrossFit, soccer or even everyday standing and walking.

Our goal is to fundamentally change the way you understand and move your body so that you can do whatever it is you love even better.

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Pilates [Tonic] has been a real boon to my wellbeing. I can move better, my shoulder and lower back pains rarely disable me anymore, I feel stronger and more stable physically and Sydney really knows her stuff and is constantly learning. I feel very confident under her tutelage.

I have been working with Sydney now for about 3 years and can attest to the fact that her instruction and direction has greatly slowed the crumbling of my body. There has been great improvement … due to the weekly stretching and strengthening.

Janie McNabb – 


I felt some trepidation coming to Pilates Tonic at first, particularly to my first couple of mat classes…

But now I look forward to it as a kind of oasis of peace, calm, and health. I’ve gotten innumerable benefits, and I think I’ve learned a few things.

Bill McClay


Julie and Bill McClay  – 

Donald Caughran, MD

I came in a complete skeptic.  I told Sydney, “…you’re going to have to convince me. Prove that this is a method that works and not just a fad.”

And they have. My strength and flexibility has increased at least 100% from where I was.

Donald Caughran, MD – 


Why We're Different…

We offer far more than just Pilates at Pilates Tonic. We've found that taking a foundational approach to exercise and movement has enhanced our ability to help you achieve your physical goals. Whether you're hitting a wall with your current activity or needing to recover from chronic pain or acute injury, knowing how your body works puts you way ahead of the game.

In addition to traditional Pilates classes, we offer fascial conditioning, Stretch Therapy™ and Foundational Alignment™ training along with Restorative Exercise™, FST™ (Fascial Stretch Therapy™) Monkey Gym and guided cardio/running.

"It doesn't matter what physical activity you do, this is the place for you if you're trying to do it better."

Pilates Tonic Staff

We’ve found that different teaching styles resonate with different people and that’s why there are a variety of instructors at Pilates Tonic. Each instructor is highly trained in their area of expertise and each has his or her own, unique approach to movement. No matter who you work with at Pilates Tonic, they are equally dedicated to our mission; to help you create ease of movement in a pain-free body.

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New to Pilates Tonic?

We'll show you how easy it is to start improving your strength, flexibility and body alignment. Learn more about our unique program and what to do next to get started.

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