Brain-Amplified Symptoms, Conditions & Chronic Pain: A Conversation with Dr. Matt McClanahan

Have you ever met someone so clever and full of helpful information that you wish you could put them in your pocket and take them around with you throughout the day?

That’s how I feel about my friend Dr. Matt McClanahan. 

Dr. McClanahan is an osteopathic physician board-certified in neuromusculoskeletal and family medicine.

His focus is helping people who suffer from chronic pain and other brain-amplified symptoms and conditions.

Since my work also involves the body and people in pain, Dr. McClanahan's insights have been a fascinating game changer.

I thought you might be interested in learning more about the brain’s role in chronic pain and other conditions like fibromyalgia, headaches, pelvic floor dysfunction, TMJ, restless leg syndrome, and carpal tunnel syndrome, to name a few.

We hopped on Zoom to chat about:

  • The brain’s role in chronic pain and other brain-amplified symptoms and conditions
  • What the heck are brain-amplified symptoms and conditions, even?
  • The impacts of stress on the body and brain, both from events in the past and what we might be experiencing in the present
  • Misconceptions around structural issues in the body vs pain
  • How to know if you’re experiencing a brain-amplified condition and what you can do about it

There are also multiple helpful resources linked below.

I hope you find this conversation as empowering and fascinating as I did!

With all my best,



Center for Insight Medicine

Psychophysiologic Disorders Association

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