Correct Your Blindspot Posture Problem & Quadruple Your Results

Your shoulder blades and ribcage go together like icing on a cinnamon roll. These bones have a relationship, and while it might not taste delicious like a warm, cinnamony treat, it sure feels delicious when this relationship is intact.  But the connection can go south fast when we adopt a very popular posture habit, and […]

Fix Your Rib Flare and Improve a Variety of Chronic Problems

If you were in a Pilates class and the instructor asked you to close your ribs, what would you do?  Not sure? Try closing your ribs right now and see what happens.  I’m not psychic, but I’m guessing you just cinched or squeezed your upper abs, trying to bring your ribs together in the front. […]

Release Tight Quads With This Quick and Easy Stretch

Your quadriceps muscles, AKA your quads, are located on the front of your thighs. You have four quad muscles on each leg, and when it comes to storing tension, these muscles take the cake. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance your body has adapted to modern living in ways that require your quads […]

Fix Hyperextended Knees, Even if You Don’t Know You Have Them

“Bend your knees, girl!” A man yelled this at me in an airport one time.  I was standing outside the bathroom waiting on a friend when I caught his eye—or my knees did, anyway. They hyperextend, which means my knees can bend backward, most noticeably when I’m standing. This man caught a glimpse of my […]

This Piriformis Stretch Will Help You Ease an Aching Back and Tight Hips

There’s a little muscle located deep on the back of your pelvis called the piriformis. It’s a small muscle, but don’t let the size fool you; the sensations are huge when the piriformis gets too tight. For some, a tight piriformis leads to a sore and achy lower back. For others, its tension compresses the […]

Relieve Neck Tension with the Disco Neck Stretch

This week we’re bringing back disco with an exercise called the Disco Neck Stretch. It’s a simple exercise you can do sitting in a chair or standing up. If your neck always feels tight, or you constantly have to stop what you’re doing to roll your head and neck, then you’ll want to add this […]