Get Instant Relief for a Tight Neck with This Simple Exercise

Do you ever wake up in the morning with so much tension in your neck that it feels like piano wire connects your head to your body instead of muscles? This happens to me sometimes, and on those days, whether it’s from sleeping in a weird position or clenching my jaw all night, there’s a […]

Deepen Your Core Work with One Powerful Setup Tweak

Last year, I sent out a short survey to learn about people’s biggest struggle with exercise and what’s holding them back from moving and feeling the way they want to. Want to know what the number one answer was? “Not enough time.” “Making time.” “Finding the time.” If you can relate, I think you’ll appreciate […]

Unlock Upper Back Benefits with this Advanced Quadruped Technique

If you’ve ever taken Pilates, yoga, or any group exercise class, there’s a good chance you’ve spent time on all fours. The technical term for this is “quadruped,” and you’d think finding your alignment in this position would be easy.  I mean, just watch a baby crawl—they’re perfectly aligned every time! But adults?  We have […]

This Neutral Pelvis Trick Transforms Your Quadruped

Photo of Sydney sitting on the floor, smiling had held out as if to emphasize what she's saying.

When it comes to alignment, I don’t know if there’s a more nebulous-sounding term than “neutral pelvis.” If you’ve ever taken a Pilates class, you’ve probably heard it: “Find your neutral.” “Make sure your pelvis is in neutral.” I remember hearing it all the time when I first started taking Pilates and not understanding it […]

Erase Back Tension Instantly with This Blanket Technique

If your back ever feels achy or stiff and you have a blanket that can be rolled up, you’ll definitely want to check out the exercise in today’s video. Whenever I feel any kind of discomfort in my upper back creeping in—like the tension from sitting at the computer or standing for a long time […]