Your Shin Bone’s Connected to Your Lower Leg Discomfort

  If you have discomfort in the front of your lower legs, AKA your shins, the exercise in today’s video is for you. The shins are a “hard to reach” area and a painful problem for many people. As a human living in a modern world, there’s a good chance your body has adapted to […]

Relieve Neck Tension with This Easy Hand Exercise

photo of hand with finger pointing at it…

  Despite the recommendation by Wilson Phillips in their 1990 hit single “Hold On,” sometimes you need to release, especially when it comes to your hands. If you’re like me, your hands spend the day doing things that require a closed grip when working. Things like typing, writing, chopping, cooking, carrying, gardening, driving, holding a […]

Maintain Freedom and Ease with This Supple Side Body Stretch

Moving more throughout the day, in different ways, is key to maintaining (and regaining!) your mobility. And finding convenient ways to help you move is one of my favorite things! So in the spirit of moving more in easy ways, I have an exercise you can do in the morning before getting out of bed […]

Wipe Away Hip Flexor and Quad Tightness with this Simple Move

This week I have an exercise for you that not only feels fantastic but also provides an effective way to move and stretch the front of your hips and thighs—specifically, your hip flexors and quadriceps. These are the muscles that attach your legs to the front of your body, so as you can imagine, they’re […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Figure Four Stretch

Some stretches are fantastic to practice every day. But if you do them the same way each time, you might be missing benefits that could make a massive difference in the way you feel and move. Two keys to safe, successful stretching are variety and alignment. Think of it like mowing a lawn but only […]

Undo Rounded Shoulders and Slumped Spines with This Exercise

I practice a few exercises every day without fail, and today I’m going to show you my favorite one. This exercise is an essential piece of the posture puzzle, and it’s fantastic for shoulders and spines that have succumbed to modern living by rounding forward. It’s a simple and effective chest stretch. You’ll need a […]