Neutral Pelvis and How to Fix Yours If It’s Not

  If you’ve ever taken a Pilates class, you’ve probably heard the term “neutral pelvis.” When I first started taking Pilates in 2001, I heard it all the time. “Find your neutral.” “Make sure your pelvis is in neutral.” I had no idea what it meant. But I could tell from the tone of the […]

How to Do the Pilates Saw the RIGHT Way

Photo of Sydney demonstrating the Pilates Saw

  Pick up the Kleenex, Herniate a Disk—Or Don’t! The Pilates Saw contains one of the riskiest movement combos you can make with your spine—twisting and bending forward simultaneously. It might seem like I’m being dramatic, but my friend herniated a disk while bending forward and slightly twisting to pick up a Kleenex. It was […]

How to Safely Do the Spine Twist for Best Results

How to Safely Do the Spine Twist for Best Results

  The Spine Twist is a traditional Pilates exercise where you sit with your legs out in front while you rotate your body around to one side, come back to the center, and then rotate to the other side. Seems simple enough, right? And on the surface, it is. Done right, it’s the perfect spine […]

Regain This Vital Movement for Hip Health and a Better Booty

  When it comes to hip health, one of the most overlooked aspects is the balance of tension between the front and back of your hips. Too much tension on the front stops the back from working when you walk. In other words, if the front of your hips is too tight and short, your […]

Save Your Elbows & Wrists (With This Exercise People Can’t Stand)

  Okay, it’s not so much that people can’t stand the exercise you’ll learn in today’s video… They’re just blown away by the intensity of the tension they find in this neglected body part when they try this exercise, so they avoid releasing it. In other words, they have no idea there’s tension there until […]

Set Your Hands and Neck Free by Releasing Your Forearms

photo of forearm on mat with exeercise equipment in background

  Over the years, I’ve noticed a theme with the exercise you’ll learn in today’s video. What’s that theme? The look of surprise when people find out how much tension is in their forearms. The forearms are overworked and overlooked for sure, and I know, releasing them might seem boring. But this ho-hum area affects […]