Unlock Upper Back Benefits with this Advanced Quadruped Technique

If you’ve ever taken Pilates, yoga, or any group exercise class, there’s a good chance you’ve spent time on all fours.

The technical term for this is “quadruped,” and you’d think finding your alignment in this position would be easy. 

I mean, just watch a baby crawl—they’re perfectly aligned every time!

But adults? 

We have to contend with the physical adaptations of being modern humans.

Things like: 

  • tight hands and forearms
  • weak wrists
  • internally rotated shoulders
  • tucked pelvis
  • rib thrust
  • forward-falling head

When you consider all these things, an aligned quadruped, something easy for a baby, suddenly becomes super advanced for an adult. 

It takes serious focus and can feel like an incredible amount of work, yet appear as if you’re not doing much at all!

It’s worth exploring, though, because an aligned quadruped packs a beneficial punch! 

It’s great for:

  • Building strength in the wrists and mid-back
  • Increasing bone density in the wrists, ribcage, and thoracic spine
  • Creating balance in the rotator cuff (shoulder) muscles
  • Improving overall core strength
  • Enhancing proprioception and coordination (It’s great for your brain!)

The hip sockets also love an aligned quadruped, as do the pelvic floor and lumbar spine.

Plus, you have to get all the way down on the ground, which is fantastic for your whole body!

In today’s video, you’ll learn how to find one of quadruped's most challenging alignment points: your head and neck alignment.

In this post from 2020, I go through how to find this alignment for sitting and standing, but finding it on your hands and knees is next-level!

After you check out the video, I’d love to know your take. Make sure to let me know in the comments below.

With my head on top of my spine,


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