Revitalize Your Body’s Full Movement Potential with This Fascia Exercise

Did you know your body has its very own high-speed internet for moving with freedom and ease? This intricate network of soft tissue is called fascia.  Fascia covers and connects every single organ, nerve, and muscle fiber in your body, similar to the way the internet connects computers across the globe. And just as the […]

Learn to Painlessly Unlock Your Natural Squatting Ability

Have you ever watched a little kid squat down just so they can check out a bug, play with a matchbox car, or hang out with another kiddo? And then, when it’s time to get up, they pop right up with no effort at all. Do your knees hurt just thinking about squatting like that? […]

The Connection Between Your Knees, Feet, and Pain-Free Movement

Ever wonder what the most overlooked part of the body is when it comes to easing pain and improving function? Here’s a hint. You have two, and they each have 26 bones, 33 joints, 56 ligaments, 20-plus muscles, and 7,000 nerve endings—yes, SEVEN-THOUSAND! Give up? It’s your feet! Your feet are built-in movement machines that […]

Save Your Knees and Time with Easy Daily Moves You Already Know

Ever wished you could build strength without dedicating extra hours you don’t have? Your everyday actions hold the secret! In today’s video, you’ll learn how to simultaneously build strength in your backside and ease strain in your knees by doing something you probably do multiple times a day. Once you get the hang of what […]