A Simple Technique to Activate Your Lower Abs

  If you’ve ever tried finding your lower abdominal muscles, there’s a good chance you did so by “pulling your navel into your spine,” or, if you were lying on your back, flattening your low back to the ground. These are popular techniques, but when you engage your abs this way, you unknowingly fail to […]

Build Bone Density & Improve Balance with this Standing Exercise

  Leg Circles are a traditional Pilates mat exercise where you lie on your back and try to keep your hips still as one leg moves in a circular motion. It’s a challenging exercise for sure, and it’s also one of Joseph Pilates’ original exercises from his book “Return to Life Through Contrology,” first published […]

Maintain Limber Hips at Any Age with This Simple Standing Exercise

  Keeping your hips limber and pain-free is easier than you might think, and so is regaining flexibility that’s long lost—even if your hips feel like they’ve already set in cement. One of the most crucial things you can do is move your hips often and in a variety of different ways. For example, when […]

Use This Technique to Save Your Neck and Strengthen Your Arms

    It might sound dramatic, but what you’ll learn in today’s post would’ve saved my hairstyling career twenty years ago. Doing hair requires holding the arms up—a LOT! Add to it unconsciously lifting your shoulders with your arms for hours on end while holding a professional-grade blow dryer, brush or scissors, and you get […]

This Unconscious Shoulder Habit Could Be Causing Neck Pain

  Milestones like New Year’s come with pressure to change old habits—like, say, eating microwave popcorn with M&M’s while binge-watching Letterkenny and The Witcher at night… To new ones—like eating an apple and going to bed at 9 pm instead. Snacking at night and staying up late are some obvious habits, but what about the […]

Pull Yourself in Every Direction with this Fascia Technique

Do you ever feel pulled in different directions at the same time? Feel like parking your car far away to get the extra steps, but also want to slide into that sweet spot right by the entrance? Craving chopped chicken salad with spicy ranch, but also jonesing for the pasta with delectable cheese and tomato […]