Featured image - How Standing on One Leg Can Improve Your Gait

How Standing on One Leg Can Improve Your Gait

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oday’s video builds on the last one… What I love about the exercise in today’s video is how easy it is to incorporate into your routine, anywhere you are. It’s also super functional and directly translates into better balance and walking with much more efficiency. I’ll be building on this foundational move in the next video and explaining more about …

We’re Getting the Band Back Together—and Reshaping Your Booty!

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 e have exciting things brewing! I’m thrilled to say that, pretty soon, you’ll be able to participate in Pilates Tonic movement fun no matter where you live. A longtime dream of mine has been to expand the blog post videos and offer additional classes online. It looks like 2020 is the year that dream is becoming a reality! I won’t …

Saturday Classes Are Here!

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The 2018 Fall Saturday Series starts September 15, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share the details with you! These classes cost the same as regular mat classes, and you can sign up for as many of them as you’d like. If this sounds like a great idea, you can read more about each class and sign up below. …

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Your Body’s Best Exercise Program is Hidden Within

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’ve been thinking about you and wondering how everything is going… I’m especially curious to know how your body is feeling these days and how your movement inside and outside of the studio is going. Recently I had a powerful realization that led me to more fun, freedom, and creativity with teaching and getting more movement into my day and …