Help Cure Childhood Cancer by Taking a Class on the 23rd

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  hope you had an amazing holiday season and that your New Year is off to a fantastic start. I’ve been eagerly waiting to announce this update about some very special events happening at Pilates Tonic during the month of January. Emily’s Power for a Cure Day Emily’s Power for a Cure is a local Chattanooga foundation doing some amazing …

A Super Simple Stretch for Ankle and Foot Mobility

A Super Simple Stretch for Ankle and Foot Mobility

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  nkle and foot mobility are vital to whole body health. Wearing shoes, especially boots, limits the mobility of the joints in your feet and ankles. When you don’t move your joints, you eventually lose the ability to move them. When a joint can’t move properly, other areas of the body compensate to keep you on your feet and moving. …

Good Posture is Terrible Alignment – Here’s How to Fix It

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got my biggest a-ha this year when I realized that almost everyone makes the same mistake when they try to stand up straight and maintain good posture. I also did it and it’s a mistake that actually sets you up for future problems with alignment and muscle imbalances throughout your upper body. I’ve been studying Katy Bowman’s work closely and …

Free Your Quads with the Kneecap Relaxation Exercise

Got Bad Knees? Tight Quads? You May Need to Relax Your Kneecaps

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  nconscious quadriceps tension keeps your thighs tight and your kneecaps chronically lifted. This chronic kneecap tension might not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to pain-free knee joints that last a lifetime, this seemingly minor problem is a major player. It sounds pretty simple to just relax your kneecaps, but if quad tension has become an unconscious habit for …

3 Ways Your Shoes Messed Up Your Alignment and How to Repair It

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ooking back at my kids’ early physical development and knowing what I’ve learned since then about early-stage alignment, I would have changed everything about their shoes! My family humors me every day when I remind them to sit on their sitting bones, or ask them to walk instead of riding a bike. And when it comes to shoes, I am …