Featured Image - Hip Flexor Relief Workshop Part 2: Posterior Hips

Hip Flexor Relief Workshop Part 2: Posterior Hips

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  hope you enjoyed the first part of the Hip Flexor Relief Workshop. In part one of our mini workshop, we focused on release exercises specifically for the hip flexors and quads. In part two, we’ll focus on the backside of the hips and you’ll learn a couple very effective exercises inspired by Kit Laughlin. Tightness and tension in the …

A Free Mini Workshop for Your Hip Flexors featured image

A Free Mini Workshop for Your Hip Flexors 

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  ast August we filmed a mini workshop called Hip Flexor Relief. We intended it to be our very first paid online class. But, one thing led to another and the production of the video was put on hold. Fast forward a bit and today we have exciting changes happening behind the scenes at the studio and it’s taking a lot …

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This Relaxing Inner-Thigh Stretch Does Way More Than You Think

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  id you know that there’s a relationship between the soles of your feet, inner thighs and your pelvic floor? When your body is optimally aligned, this connection starts from the feet, flows seamlessly up through your body and helps to keep everything in working order. But, in our culture, we wear shoes and sit a lot starting when we’re …

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How to Activate Your Glutes without Tucking Your Pelvis

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t the end of 2015, I received an email from a reader with questions about a post I wrote in 2012 called Three Ways Tucking Your Pelvis Can Hurt You. She had some really great questions and I know she wasn’t alone in wondering about this subject. This post is for you if you also want to understand the issues around tucking your …

Help Cure Childhood Cancer by Taking a Class on the 23rd

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  hope you had an amazing holiday season and that your New Year is off to a fantastic start. I’ve been eagerly waiting to announce this update about some very special events happening at Pilates Tonic during the month of January. Emily’s Power for a Cure Day Emily’s Power for a Cure is a local Chattanooga foundation doing some amazing …

A Super Simple Stretch for Ankle and Foot Mobility

A Super Simple Stretch for Ankle and Foot Mobility

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  nkle and foot mobility are vital to whole body health. Wearing shoes, especially boots, limits the mobility of the joints in your feet and ankles. When you don’t move your joints, you eventually lose the ability to move them. When a joint can’t move properly, other areas of the body compensate to keep you on your feet and moving. …