Special Preview: The Sneaky Simple Way to Build Strength

Sneaking extra movement into your day without adding a ton of extra time to your schedule is the key to moving with more ease and feeling great in your body. I think of this as the adult version of sneaking vegetables into your food, but more fun because you know you’re doing it, and there […]

Bolstering Benefits for Your Knees, Hips, and Ankles

Bolstering Benefits for Your Knees Hips Ankles

For her entire life, my grandmother took baths, never showers. Mostly to prevent her hair from getting wet, which she washed and set herself once every two weeks on Thursdays like clockwork. Little did she know, her bathing habit not only preserved her hairstyle but also preserved her ability to move freely well into her […]

How to Get the Benefits of the Squat without Squatting

image of Sydney demoing squat prep on the mat

  H ave you ever seen a child squatting down checking out rocks, ants, or some other little critter crawling around on the ground and felt amazed by the ease and flexibility in their little body? And then, when it’s time to get up, they pop right up with no effort at all. Do your […]

A Surprisingly Simple Exercise for Your Pelvic Floor and Low Back

Your pelvic floor muscles are located at the very bottom of your pelvis. You need them to go to the bathroom, keep your internal organs healthy and inside your body, AND perform a vital role in maintaining your spine health. There are everyday chronic habits like holding in the stomach, tucking the tailbone under, and […]

The Healthy Way to Binge-Watch Your Fave TV Shows

When it comes to feeling good and moving freely in your body, movement variety is the key. To make sure I move in more ways than just the sitting-to-type position, the standing-to-prepare-food position, and the helping-with-homework position, I have a few exercises I do every single day without fail. My secret to consistency is associating […]

A Simple Way to Ease Wrist Pain and Build Hand Strength

featured image hand on mat, other hand with finger pointing at first hand

Do you ever have wrist pain when you exercise or feel like your wrists are weak? If so, I have a simple solution you must try. Tightness in the hands and forearms affects hand alignment, especially in exercises requiring you to be on your hands and knees or quadruped position. This tightness can make it […]