A Super Simple Stretch for Ankle and Foot Mobility

A Super Simple Stretch for Ankle and Foot Mobility

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  nkle and foot mobility are vital to whole body health. Wearing shoes, especially boots, limits the mobility of the joints in your feet and ankles. When you don’t move your joints, you eventually lose the ability to move them. When a joint can’t move properly, other areas of the body compensate to keep you on your feet and moving. …

My Favorite Exercise for Increasing Ankle Mobility and Releasing the Soles of Your Feet

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This exercise targets the soft tissue that runs from behind your knee all the way through the bottom of your foot; specifically your soleus muscle, achilles tendon and plantar fascia. These three structures are connected. The soleus leads into the achilles tendon and the achilles tendon goes around the heel bone where it leads into the plantar fascia. If you …