This Relaxing Inner-Thigh Stretch Does Way More Than You Think

Legs Up the Wall Demonstration Image

  Did you know that there’s a relationship between the soles of your feet, inner thighs and your pelvic floor? When your body is optimally aligned, this connection starts from the feet, flows seamlessly up through your body and helps to keep everything in working order. But, in our culture, we wear shoes and sit […]

How to Fix Poor Posture Caused by Over-Arching the Low Back

When your low back is chronically arched because your pelvis has what’s called an anterior tilt, it can cause poor posture, back pain, chronic muscle tightness, pelvic floor dysfunction and many other problems.

Today I’ll show you a simple way to balance and re-align the pelvis to solve this problem and regain proper posture.

A Simple Low-Back Pain Solution

If you suffer from a chronic dull ache in your low back, I’ve got a simple solution that could help that ache go away forever. But before I get to the solution, take a second and check out how you’re sitting as you read this right now. Is the majority of your weight on the […]

Get the Most Out of Your Bridge without the Cramping Hamstrings

  The bridge is one of my all-time favorite exercises! It’s my go-to solution when my back is feeling tight and when I want to really activate my glutes. But it hasn’t always been a pleasant experience for me. My glutes used to be inactive and my hamstrings would cramp like crazy every time I […]