Align Your Pelvis to Get the Real Benefits of the Strap Stretch

One of the best ways to get more out of any exercise you do is by fine-tuning your alignment, which is exactly what we’re up to in today’s video.

I’ll show you an easy way to adjust your pelvis in a popular exercise that stretches and creates length down the back of the legs.

This one’s called the Strap Stretch, and it can be very effective when you do it correctly.

But when the back of the legs are tight, it’s a real challenge to do this stretch without tucking the pelvis.

It may seem like tucking your pelvis is no big deal, but if you stay tucked, you’re missing vital muscle fibers that could be key to the relief and benefits you want.

All you’ll need for this one is a yoga strap, belt, or bath towel, and you’re ready to go!

Even if you’ve done the Strap Stretch a million times, I encourage you to try this variation, see what you find, and then tell me in the comments below. 

Here’s to changing things up,


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