How to Relieve SI Joint Pain with Your Breath and the Pilates Roll Down

How to Relieve SI Joint Pain with Your Breath and the Pilates Roll Down

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 common cause of sacroiliac joint dysfunction is a lack of movement and one of the most powerful, yet overlooked tools for relieving back and SI (sacroiliac) joint pain is your breath. A common cause of sacroiliac joint dysfunction is a lack of movement. When you inhale and exhale, this innate action ideally sets off a series of events inside your …

The Reformer Basics 5-Week Series Starts October 20, 2014

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REFORMER BASICS A 5-Week Series with Laura Hausler Counts as Reformer Prep qualification!(*Studio Foundation session required; some mat experience a plus.)  Want to Take Reformer Class, But Not Qualified Yet? This is the series for you! If you’ve wanted to take reformer classes, but needed the Reformer Prep to get qualified, or if you were thinking about taking the Pilates Challenge coming in …

How to Fix Poor Posture Caused by Over-Arching the Low Back

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When your low back is chronically arched because your pelvis has what’s called an anterior tilt, it can cause poor posture, back pain, chronic muscle tightness, pelvic floor dysfunction and many other problems.

Today I’ll show you a simple way to balance and re-align the pelvis to solve this problem and regain proper posture.

How To Correct Poor Posture and Set Yourself Up For Fitness Success

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Today’s video is the first of three where we’re going to help set you up for alignment success with exercises that require you to lie down. In this video you’ll also see one of my favorite props in action: the posture pillow. We use posture pillows every day in the studio, but I’ve noticed there are lots of questions and …

How to Finally Find Your Psoas and Relax Painful Hip Flexors

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  Have you ever felt that your hip flexors just refused to relax? Ever wondered why your back was aching all the time? Are you struggling just to find your psoas? Hip and back pain or tightness may actually be a problem with activating your psoas and today I’ll show you how to solve this problem and get even greater …

The Easy Standing Hip Flexor Stretch

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In today’s video you’ll learn one of my absolute favorite hip flexor stretches. I learned about this one from Kit Laughlin, creator of Stretch Therapy, and the best part is that you can do this one just about anywhere you happen to be. This stretch is both easy and a good challenge. If you have difficulty getting down on the …