Fix Your Tight Quads and Thighs with This Unlikely Move

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f you have knee issues or thighs that feel like they never loosen up, no matter how much stretching you do, today’s video is a must-watch. You’ll learn how a common cue for locked knees actually prevents you from releasing chronic tension and leaves the knees tense and tight. What I’m going to show you is way harder to do …

Free Your Quads with the Kneecap Relaxation Exercise

Got Bad Knees? Tight Quads? You May Need to Relax Your Kneecaps

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  nconscious quadriceps tension keeps your thighs tight and your kneecaps chronically lifted. This chronic kneecap tension might not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to pain-free knee joints that last a lifetime, this seemingly minor problem is a major player. It sounds pretty simple to just relax your kneecaps, but if quad tension has become an unconscious habit for …