Fix Your Tight Quads and Thighs with This Unlikely Move

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I f you have knee issues or thighs that feel like they never loosen up, no matter how much stretching you do, today’s video is a must-watch.

You’ll learn how a common cue for locked knees actually prevents you from releasing chronic tension and leaves the knees tense and tight.

What I’m going to show you is way harder to do than it sounds, but boy does it make a massive difference when it comes to your knees’ health.

After you watch the video, let me hear how it goes in the comments below. I want to know if you can do it. (It took me forever!)

With love and relaxed kneecaps,

P.S. Here’s the link to the post I mention in the video where you can learn a specific exercise to help you relax your kneecaps: Got Bad Knees? Tight Quads? You May Need to Relax Your Kneecaps

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  1. Wow, this is awesome. I think I have this problem and cannot wait to see your video on how to do it. Thanks so much!. Have an awesome day.

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