Wall Jump: Your Fascia Body Suit and the Mid-Back Connection

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Your Mid-Back Connection, Part 3

In this third video in our series on the mid-back connection, we’re going to look at a fantastic exercise for both your mid-back and your fascia body suit.

In the first video we focused on a great stretch for your chest. The second video focused on actually feeling the connection between your arms and your mid-back.

Like the other two, this third exercise is great for your mid-back connection, but it’s also fantastic for the health of your fascia bodysuit. The extra focus on the fascia in your mid-back will help you recover much-needed fascial elasticity.

Your fascia has an elastic quality that, quite literally, puts the spring in your step. This is called elastic recoil.

If you don’t move enough, you can lose the elastic quality of your fascia and when you lose this elastic springiness, your fascia becomes stuck together, and/or matted. This makes normal, everyday movement more difficult. 

The Wall Jump Exercise

The good news is that you can regain and enhance your elastic springiness with specific exercises and the wall jump is a perfect example.

The wall jump uses muscular activation in the mid-back and arms while in a lengthened position and then adds small bounces, or jumps to enhance the elastic quality of the mid-back and arms.

This exercise builds on the first two videos, so be sure and check out the Wall Pec Stretch and the Wall Push-Up and do those exercises before you try this one.

Have fun with it and I’d love to hear how it goes in the comments below.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Sydney,
    This series is fabulous!!… I teach Pilates to a Fabulous group of women in there 50’s!… They LOVE the springing motion.. as much as they love rolling like a ball!!
    Thank You

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