New, Body Optimization Intensive Starts Now

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Body Optimization IntensiveIt’s June! Have you optimized your body yet?

We’ve put together a brand new package just for Pilates Tonic members…

It’s called the Body Optimization Intensive and it’s designed to take all the latest advances in fascia, alignment and exercise research and apply them to your specific and unique needs during a series of 3 private sessions.

[Note: This new program is only available this month for current studio members and you must have completed your original Introductory Session (101) to qualify.]

How New Discoveries Benefit You

The world of body mechanics and fascia research is constantly changing and new and better movement and alignment techniques are discovered every day.

This is why we travel to workshops and courses and bring back cutting-edge techniques to help you get even more value out of your experience at the studio.

Our goal is to provide you with knowledge and expertise that you would otherwise have to travel far and wide to find.

Who is It For?

The Body Optimization Intensive will help you take your class or private sessions to the next level. We will review your body’s alignment and mobility and apply all the latest techniques of alignment, fascia research and stretch therapy so that you can make every session you have at Pilates Tonic generate better results with less effort.

Bottom line, if your alignment is off, if your fascia’s not hydrated and moving properly, you won’t get everything you can out of your exercise program.

Frequently, we can’t tell when we’re misaligned or immobile because we naturally adapt to whatever we do or experience on a chronic basis!

And the Body Optimization Intensive doesn’t just apply to your classes at Pilates Tonic. We’ll help you find and reset your optimal resting alignment and provide exercises designed just for you so that every active area of your life is optimized by your new body awareness and knowledge.

The more you practice new behaviors, the faster they become permanent, unconscious positive actions that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

What Can I Expect?

The Body Optimization Intensive consists of three private sessions tailored specifically to discovering your optimal alignment and fascia needs. We’ll work together to find the areas in your body where tiny adjustments will generate huge improvements for you.

In some cases, we have found an alignment issue that ends up eliminating a chronic problem or pain that you might have accepted as “just the way it is”—each body is unique and I’m always amazed by how this work can positively shift things in surprising ways.

In other cases, you might be doing an exercise that allows the targeted muscle group to “hide” from the work so you’re barely benefitting from your efforts.

These sessions are the perfect platform to address questions you’ve had in class and give you hands-on help with your specific alignment challenges while going deeper into your personal practice.

There are certain things that we just don’t have time to explore in a class setting and we’ll cover all of that and more during your three, private Body Optimization Intensive sessions.


The Special Intensive is Only Available This Month (June 2015)
Registration for this new program will close June 30, but you’ll have three months to use your sessions. The total cost is $195 and consists of three private sessions that you can schedule at your convenience once you’ve completed your purchase.

Click here to register for the Body Optimization Intensive…


See you in the studio!


P.S. – We encourage you to schedule your sessions at least a week apart so that you can work on the new material each week and bring any questions to your next session.

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