The Healthy Way to Binge-Watch Your Fave TV Shows

When it comes to feeling good and moving freely in your body, movement variety is the key.

To make sure I move in more ways than just the sitting-to-type position, the standing-to-prepare-food position, and the helping-with-homework position, I have a few exercises I do every single day without fail.

My secret to consistency is associating different exercises with something I’m already doing.

For example, I stretch my calves when I brush my teeth, I take my arms overhead every time I walk through a door frame, and I squat hanging from the kitchen sink. (Nice visual, huh?) Some people may think it’s a quirk, I call it movement maintenance.

Now, my favorite daily-movement-variety activity happens in the evening once I reach the lying-down portion of my day to watch television. Awwww, yeah!

I have a special setup I use every time I settle in to watch the favorite show of the week—right now, it’s Kim’s Convenience. My WHOLE family loves this show so much! Have you seen it?

In today’s video, I’ll show you my show-watching setup. I also use this in the studio for Pilates and Restorative Exercise classes—back when we were doing classes in person, that is.

Give it a try—I’d love to hear how it goes. Tell me in the comments below!

Okay, see you!


P.S. My favorite exercise to do with this setup is a chest stretch. Once you’re situated on the incline with your ribs down, all you have to do is turn your palms up and take your arms out to the sides. Give it a try. It feels so good!



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  1. Great, Sydney! I’ve been watching those Danish shows–Borgen–a political parliamentary version of West Wing–and Herens Vege–about the Danish national church. Fascinating. Nice to get out of the country and hang out in Copenhagen!

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