Correct an Arched Back and Relieve Hip Tension With This Easy Exercise


“I used to have a huge arch in my back due to a ribcage thrust. Your advice fixed that when I first found your website. I still, however, had a large arch in my lower back. After doing the iliacus release ONE time in Happy Hip Flexors, there was a dramatic change in my low back arch, and I felt so good! Even the next morning, when I woke up and laid on my back on my mat, my low back curve was greatly reduced.”


The above message came from a PTO member and Happy Hip Flexor participant after she tried the move you’ll learn in today’s video.

It’s an exercise to help correct an anteriorly tilted pelvis—one of the issues people ask about the most.

What exactly is an anteriorly tilted pelvis?

The word ‘anterior’ means toward the front of the body.

So when the pelvis is tilted anteriorly, the top of the pelvis tips forward toward the front of the body and makes the lower back arch deeper.

In my last video, I mentioned adjusting the ribcage for an anteriorly tilted pelvis.


Because often, what looks like anterior pelvic tilt is actually a rib thrust, and adjusting the ribs will bring the pelvis into neutral.

But sometimes, an adjustment is needed at the pelvis too, and that’s where today’s exercise comes in.

I’ll show you how to release a hip flexor muscle called the iliacus.

You have two iliacus muscles—one for each leg, and they attach your thigh bones to your pelvis.

When these muscles get too tight, they pull the front of the pelvis forward, creating an anterior pelvic tilt.

This exercise will help release unnecessary tension and allow the iliacus muscles to relax.

If you need this exercise, you’ll know it!

And even if you don’t, it still feels fantastic.

After you try it, I’d love to know how it goes; make sure and let me know in the comments below.

Always releasing,



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