Don’t Let Your Body Collect Dust! Stay Flexible with this Fascia-Targeting Exercise


Moving your body is like dusting a shelf.

When you move in the same ways, day after day, it’s like dusting the same section of shelf over and over.

Sitting in chairs and never getting on the ground, or only typing on the computer and rarely reaching overhead is the movement equivalent of endlessly “dusting the same section of shelf.”

Dust is everywhere, but you need to move your dust rag differently to get to it all, especially at the corners and edges!

Why does it matter, you ask?

When the metaphorical dust builds up in your body, it can limit your ability to move, making everything you want to do harder.

Moving in different ways daily is hands down the best way to keep your body flexible and strong so you can keep doing all the things you love.

The exercise you’ll learn in today’s video is one of my favorite ways to get into those dusty, hard-to-reach places in your body. 

And it feels great, too!

After you give it a try, I’d love to hear how it went. Let me know in the comments below.

With dusted corners,


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I’m here to help you get stronger and more flexible through alignment-based restorative exercise so you can enjoy all the activities you love in life. You can work with me in two convenient ways: digitally through the Pilates Tonic Online membership or personally with in-person Restorative Movement Sessions.

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  1. Hi, Sydney! I tried this fascial stretch and really enjoyed it! I even explored holding up the top leg and moving it around in various positions. Thank you for sharing this video with us!

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