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A Free Mini Workshop for Your Hip Flexors 

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  ast August we filmed a mini workshop called Hip Flexor Relief. We intended it to be our very first paid online class. But, one thing led to another and the production of the video was put on hold. Fast forward a bit and today we have exciting changes happening behind the scenes at the studio and it’s taking a lot …

Interoception, Your Fascia Shimmy and Why It Matters So Much

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  hances are you’ve heard of proprioception, which is your awareness of where your body is in space. For instance, close your eyes and touch your nose with your index fingers, one at a time. Your ability to find your nose is an example of proprioception. You have proprioceptors all over your body. The ones in the bottom of your …

Flamingo Hamstring Stretch

The Flamingo Stretch for Chronic Sitters and Heeled-Shoe Wearers

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We’ve talked a lot about how frequent daily sitting over time shortens the muscles and soft tissue on the front of your hips and we’ve demonstrated an effective stretch to help with shortened, painful hip flexors. We’ve also talked about how the lifted heels in shoes can shorten your calves; even the smallest heel in a running shoe or men’s shoe …

If You Wear Shoes, You Need This Calf Stretch

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I’ve really been looking forward to sharing today’s exercise with you! I learned this stretch in Katy Bowman’s Restorative Exercise™ program, and it’s the most simple and effective calf stretch I’ve ever come across. First, though, you need to know why this is so important. When your lower legs (calves, shins, etc.) get too tight, they can’t align properly with your …

How to Hydrate and Release Tight, Painful Hips

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I originally learned this technique from Jen and Casey over at Fusion Pilates in Asheville, and it’s gotten very popular over the years because it’s a very effective technique! This exercise is the perfect supplement, and maybe even the missing key, to any hip stretches you are already doing. It helps to hydrate and release tight, congested muscle and fascial …

Turn the Fascia Cat into a Super Hamstring & Calf Stretch

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 (This is part two of a three-part series where we break the Fascia Cat Stretch down into its component parts.) In the last video we focused on spinal articulation and looked at how tight legs can block movement of the spine and pelvis. Today I’ll show you an exercise to help with leg tightness by turning the Fascia Cat exercise into …