Photo of leg with hand holding strap doing the strap stretch

Dramatically Improve Your Strap Stretch With a Few Simple Moves

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he Strap Stretch is a popular stretch found in Pilates studios, yoga studios, and physical therapy offices across the globe. It’s an exercise to stretch and create length down the back of the leg and it can be very effective. That said, if you practice this exercise the same way every time you do it, you might be missing out …

The Best Glute-Strengthening, Sacrum-Stabilizing, Balance-Building Exercise Ever

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ne of my mentors used to say that squeezing your butt cheeks together for exercise was the “kiss of death” for the SI (sacroiliac) joint and pelvic floor. This sounds dramatic I know, but squeezing your cheeks together for glute strength, at best prevents you from doing what you think you’re doing, gaining tone and functional glute strength, and at …

Hip Flexor Workshop Part 3 image

Hip Flexor Relief Workshop Part 3: Hamstrings, Inner Thighs & Back

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  n this third and final segment of the Hip Flexor Relief mini workshop, you’ll find a combination and blend of exercises inspired by Fascial Fitness™, Kit Laughlin, Katy Bowman and Marie José Blom. While the theme of this course is the hip flexors, my goal with every workshop is to give you a blend of exercises that’ll help you …

The Double Calf Stretch

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Today’s video takes the recent Calf Stretch and Hamstring Assessment videos and combines them into a single ultra-effective exercise for the back line of your body. Your muscles and soft tissue respond  to the position you spend most of your time in by shortening and/or lengthening. This is one of the reasons it’s so important to move around throughout the …