Hip Flexor Relief Workshop Part 2: Posterior Hips

Featured Image - Hip Flexor Relief Workshop Part 2: Posterior Hips

  I hope you enjoyed the first part of the Hip Flexor Relief Workshop. In part one of our mini workshop, we focused on release exercises specifically for the hip flexors and quads. In part two, we’ll focus on the backside of the hips and you’ll learn a couple very effective exercises inspired by Kit […]

A Free Mini Workshop for Your Hip Flexors 

A Free Mini Workshop for Your Hip Flexors featured image

  Last August we filmed a mini-workshop called Hip Flexor Relief. We intended it to be our very first paid online class. But, one thing led to another and the production of the video was put on hold. Fast forward a bit and today we have exciting changes happening behind the scenes at the studio […]

The Flamingo Stretch for Chronic Sitters and Heeled-Shoe Wearers

Flamingo Hamstring Stretch

We’ve talked a lot about how frequent daily sitting over time shortens the muscles and soft tissue on the front of your hips and we’ve demonstrated an effective stretch to help with shortened, painful hip flexors. We’ve also talked about how the lifted heels in shoes can shorten your calves; even the smallest heel in a […]

If You Wear Shoes, You Need This Calf Stretch

I’ve really been looking forward to sharing today’s exercise with you! I learned this stretch in Katy Bowman’s Restorative Exercise™ program, and it’s the most simple and effective calf stretch I’ve ever come across. First, though, you need to know why this is so important. When your lower legs (calves, shins, etc.) get too tight, they […]

The Wall Pec Stretch For Your Mid-Back Connection

The Wall Pec Stretch Today’s video kicks off a three-video series that is particularly close to my heart, or maybe I should say it’s close to my back. 😉 I’ll be showing you the key things you need to know about your mid-back connection and, if you study and learn everything I’m going to share with […]

An Amazing Mid-Back Stretch Hidden in the Fascia Cat…

Today we’ve got a great video for this third and final installment of the Fascia Cat Breakdown series. This variation focuses on an amazing stretch for your mid-back. The mid-back can be a difficult area to release and my mid-back tends to stay tight, so this is my favorite variation of the Fascia Cat. Mid-back tightness […]