Are You Making This “Good-Posture” Mistake?

Have you ever been working at the computer and felt like your spine was cementing itself into the hunched-up shape you were sitting in?

And when you tried to straighten yourself up and “sit right,” you could only maintain it for maybe 30 seconds because it’s exhausting to sit that way?

If so, you might be thrusting your ribcage out for good posture.

Here’s a quick test…

Right now, stand up and give yourself good posture. Really go for the posture gold and see if you can notice the following:

  1. Are you thrusting your ribcage out?
  2. How does your back feel?

Thrusting the ribs out is probably the most popular strategy for good posture, and while it might make you feel taller, it actually shortens and compresses your spine. Ouch!

In today’s video, you’ll learn one of my favorite Pilates cues for standing up straight. Rib thrusting often turns up in this cue and I’ll show you how to perform it without thrusting your ribs.

Get this right and you’ll take it with you wherever you go. It’ll also help you get SO much more out of time spent in your Pilates and exercise routine.

After you watch it, go back and try standing up straight again and see if it feels any different.

I’d love to hear how it goes in the comments below.

Yours in a lengthened, decompressed spine,


P.S. Rib thrusting also affects your abdominal muscles and your ability to recruit your abs. Rib thrusting can also cause problems with your pelvic floor. Eliminate this well-intentioned posture habit now and you’ll start seeing all kinds of positive side effects in your body!



I’m here to help you get stronger and more flexible through alignment-based restorative exercise so you can enjoy all the activities you love in life. You can work with me in two convenient ways: digitally through the Pilates Tonic Online membership or personally with in-person Restorative Movement Sessions.

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