Use This Technique to Save Your Neck and Strengthen Your Arms



It might sound dramatic, but what you’ll learn in today’s post would’ve saved my hairstyling career twenty years ago.

Doing hair requires holding the arms up—a LOT!

Add to it unconsciously lifting your shoulders with your arms for hours on end while holding a professional-grade blow dryer, brush or scissors, and you get the perfect recipe for chronic neck tension. All of this, for me, became debilitating neck and shoulder pain and muscle spasms.

But you don’t have to be a hairstylist to reap the benefits of the technique I’ll show you today.

If you:

  • Work at a computer
  • Lift things like groceries, children, or weights
  • Lift your arms overhead at all


You’ll benefit from today’s post.

When you get the hang of using your arms the way I’ll show you, it will not only help alleviate neck tension but also tone your arms!

As always, after you check out the video, I’d love to know how it goes. Let me know in the comments section below.

With arms up and shoulders down,

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4 Responses

  1. I found that my shoulders were more flexible. They felt more open and loose. My neck felt looser also.
    I used a 10 ounce unopened jar of jam.

  2. This might sound silly but when do we use our traps? I seem to be lifting my shoulders for everything!
    When we lift something up should we be feeling the muscles in the shoulder blades and back activating?

    1. Such a smart question, Wendy! It’s not that you don’t want the trapezius to work at all, because at a certain point it has to; it’s more you don’t want the upper trapezius leading the effort of working the arms. For example, if when you lift your arm, you always lift your shoulder; first, other muscles (serratus anterior and lower trapezius in particular) don’t get a chance to do their part. So yes, ideally, you’ll feel muscles under your arm and midback helping when you lift something. Hope this helps. Thanks for your questions!

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