McCall DeVaney – Instructor

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Q: What is your favorite part of the private sessions you do?

My favorite part about private sessions is being able to specifically design a class around one particular body. Private sessions allow me to truly tailor my sessions around an individualized plan that will enable my client to grow in their training and strengthen their body at their own pace.

Q: What is it that makes your work unique?

As a former client of Pilates Tonic, I think I am in a unique position as an instructor because I have been on the other end of the client-instructor relationship for over five years and have witnessed the benefits of Pilates on my own body. As someone in their twenties, I think there is a common misconception that Pilates is not well-suited for young, healthy people. I used to think that myself until beginning my Pilates journey. As a result, I am constantly encouraging people of all ages and body types to come and try a session because, at the end of the day, Pilates is not just an alternative form of fitness; it is a lifelong activity that provides innumerable benefits both functionally and for movement-specific activities.

Q: What are your five best attributes?

  • I am very aware of proper form and positioning during an exercise.
  • I am patient and will take the time to answer any questions and explain any of the science behind an exercise or particular position.
  • I am conscious of the habitual movement patterns that so often result in the daily routines of my clients, whether it be sitting at an office desk or focussing primarily on one sport or activity. For example, rotation was a frequent part of my daily activity due to playing tennis. When I began taking Pilates sessions, I had to learn how to train my body to work with and against rotation. Pilates is very well-suited for making daily movements much more functional.
  • I am an eager learner part A: Since I am relatively new to the teaching world, I am currently building my client base, which means I am constantly encountering new body types. This exposure keeps me on my feet because I am always thinking about adjusting or better tailoring exercises for my clients.
  • I am an eager learner part B: I am frequently learning new exercises with my current training, so I am building my exercise repertoire almost every day. Combining my own training experiences with a growing client base provides endless opportunities to learn new ways to alter my training to varying body types and expand my knowledge of the exercises.


Q: Who do you find yourself working with most often?

I am fortunate to teach clients with many different backgrounds. My client base is wide-ranging, and I think that speaks to the versatility of Pilates. It is and can be adjusted for any body type, which you cannot say for every activity in the fitness field.


Q: What are your biggest challenges when conducting a personal training session and how do you overcome them?

As someone who thankfully has never had a severe injury, working with clients who are overcoming an injury or surgery has been an invaluable learning experience. Apart from ensuring that my client is safe during an exercise, I have learned that patience is by far the most effective way to help clients with injuries. Physical injuries do not limit themselves just to the physical body. Restrengthening and rebuilding your body after an injury has just as much to do with the mind as it does with the body itself, and being able to help my client realize that each session spent working, no matter the pace, is bringing their body that much closer to its re-energized and rejuvenated form, is by far the most valuable way to overcome to challenges associated with injuries.


McCall’s Bio

McCall is a native of Chattanooga, TN, and has been active all of her life. She began playing tennis at an early age and played through high school. She discovered Pilates in 2016 and has been hooked since. She is currently working towards completing the Comprehensive Training track through Balanced Body University.

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