Rachel Miller – Instructor

Q: What do you love about teaching?

I remember my first few yoga and personal training sessions and the incredibly powerful sensations and feelings that intentional movement provided. I love providing the space for people to have those A-HA moments for themselves. I love providing a space where people can be in awe of their bodies.

Q: What is it that makes your work unique?

I don’t follow one structure of movement. All movement is medicine, and each modality has incredibly powerful benefits. I have practiced and learned so many different styles of movement that I’m able to bring them all into a class or session with someone. Very rarely is there a “wrong” or a “right” way to do any one movement. It’s about discernment and what the goal of a particular movement is. I’m able to use many different lenses in my work.

Q: What are your five best attributes?

  • Ability to listen and hear people
  • Empathy
  • Varied background of movement modalities
  • Intuition
  • Embodied understanding of movement

Q: Who do you find yourself working with most often?

Neurodivergent Folx, Postpartum Mothers, individuals working through anxiety and PTSD.

Q: What are your biggest challenges when conducting a personal training session and how do you overcome them?

Narrowing down certain movements for an individual. There are so many possibilities! ALL THE THINGS! Over the years, I’ve learned to triage.

What does my client really want for themselves, and what is the most important difficulty to address for a person’s current situation?

Rachel’s Bio

Rachel received her Pilates mat certification through Stott Pilates and holds a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Instructor/Educator certification. She’s also a Personal Trainer!

Rachel believes in the power of Pilates and alignment-aware practices to facilitate meaningful changes in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. A survivor of PTSD, she completed training through Trauma Informed Weight Lifting from the Center for Trauma and Embodiment at JRI. 

She believes that movement really can be healing for every BODY.

Rachel is a c-section mama of one and lives with her family on Signal Mountain. She enjoys rock climbing, reading, bicycling, and prioritizing rest.

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