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Hip Flexor Relief Workshop Part 3: Hamstrings, Inner Thighs & Back

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  n this third and final segment of the Hip Flexor Relief mini workshop, you’ll find a combination and blend of exercises inspired by Fascial Fitness™, Kit Laughlin, Katy Bowman and Marie José Blom. While the theme of this course is the hip flexors, my goal with every workshop is to give you a blend of exercises that’ll help you …

Featured Image - Hip Flexor Relief Workshop Part 2: Posterior Hips

Hip Flexor Relief Workshop Part 2: Posterior Hips

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  hope you enjoyed the first part of the Hip Flexor Relief Workshop. In part one of our mini workshop, we focused on release exercises specifically for the hip flexors and quads. In part two, we’ll focus on the backside of the hips and you’ll learn a couple very effective exercises inspired by Kit Laughlin. Tightness and tension in the …

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A Free Mini Workshop for Your Hip Flexors 

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  ast August we filmed a mini workshop called Hip Flexor Relief. We intended it to be our very first paid online class. But, one thing led to another and the production of the video was put on hold. Fast forward a bit and today we have exciting changes happening behind the scenes at the studio and it’s taking a lot …

A Subtle Hip Flexor Stretch that Releases Hidden Tightness

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Your body adapts to the way you use it every day. For example, when you walk, your hip flexors stretch to one length and, when you sit, they become dramatically shorter. This flexibility according to need is very important. If you spend a lot of time sitting every day, your body eventually learns that you don’t need the hip flexor …

The Easy Standing Hip Flexor Stretch

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In today’s video you’ll learn one of my absolute favorite hip flexor stretches. I learned about this one from Kit Laughlin, creator of Stretch Therapy, and the best part is that you can do this one just about anywhere you happen to be. This stretch is both easy and a good challenge. If you have difficulty getting down on the …