From Back Pain to Surfing Again: Mallory’s Incredible Health Journey


A woman on a “personal health rehab quest” emailed me back in May.

Her name is Mallory, and, at the time, she suffered from lower back pain, inactive glutes, and quadricep muscles she couldn’t turn off.

In other words, her butt muscles weren’t working for everyday things like walking and standing, so the fronts of her thighs were working double-time to compensate.

And her lower back was exhausted as a result.

She also has diastasis recti (abdominal separation) that worsened after two pregnancies, which made her usual exercise routines and activities impossible.

Her quest to stay active led her to reach out to me.

She was tired of not being able to walk to the beach (she’s a surfer and lives in Hawaii!) without back pain and not being able to stay active with her kids.

I chatted with Mallory recently, and she revealed…

  • Why she was struggling to find support with her fitness and wellness journey.
  • The physical issues she’s been dealing with and everything she tried before finding Pilates Tonic Online to help.
  • How she discovered that the alignment of her pelvis was the source of her body not functioning correctly and the reason her back felt so uncomfortable.
  • How she relieved her back pain, got her glutes working, and is now living pain-free after only two months.


You can watch our complete conversation above.


Or click below to listen to the audio recording only.

With all the love,

PS – Be sure to check out the FREE resource that Mallory mentioned in the interview linked above. It was a game changer for her, helping her understand her body and start down the path to recovery. See if it can make things click for you too. Your Glutes Were Made for Walking…



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