Three Ways Tucking Your Pelvis Can Hurt You

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I’ve never once heard anyone say “My goal is to get my ribs closer to my hips”, “I’d like a shorter waist please”, or “I’d like my pelvis tilted towards my face.” Quite the contrary, the overall goal I hear is better posture, a longer torso and leaner waist and a body that moves with ease. All these goals are achieved by working and strengthening the body while in a lengthened state and not tucking the pelvis.

Is Pain Really Gain?

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I’ve recently come to understand that everything we are and hope to achieve starts within… and starting with this article and a series of upcoming blog posts, I’d like to explain my process in hopes that you will be able to take something useful from it and use these ideas to inspire you to transform your Pilates practice and possibly …

Pilates Basics: How to Smile Across Your Hips

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  If you’ve ever wanted perfect “6-pack abs” and wondered if all the pain was worth that goal, I have an alternative perspective that might change your mind. Firstly, the 6-pack ab look is HIGHLY overrated. In fact, by focusing on the muscles that create the 6-pack look, you can actually cause trouble and make yourself MORE prone to injury. (Think: …